Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie

And one last smoothie, this time from Cuisinart, for a final chance to win one of the two tickets they’re giving away to Food Blogger Connect

And here’s the how, pretty much verbatim:
Create smoothie of your own, or make one by Cuisinart or from one of Anjum Anand’s books and post it on your blog and on the FoodBlogger Connect Facebook page by July 8, 2011 – Check

Talk about FBC11: Europe’s premier food blog conference that focuses on the art of blogging on food, with guest speakers from the food blogosphere or in food writing, plus food industry reps. Check
Plus the fact that Cuisinart is enabling two lucky winners to have free entry to the full weekend conference including an opportunity to participate in the cooking demonstration with Celebrity Chef Anjum Anand. Check

Link back to FBCAnjum Anand’s and Cuisinart’s websites and Tweet your smoothie recipe to @bloggerconnect with ALL of the following hashtags: #Cuisinart #Anjumanand #FBC11 Check

Each smoothie recipe posted separately counts as one entry. Then comment with your recipe link on the announcement post.

When browsing Cuisinart’s beverage recipes I realised that I had everything needed for a strawberry kiwi smoothie, so that’s become a Vitamin-C packed 5th smoothie in less than 48 hours (not intended).

Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie, by Cuisinart

– 150g frozen strawberries, partly thawed (about 10 fair sized strawberries)
– 1 kiwi, peeled, cut into eighths (I just scooped it out like a soft-boiled egg)
– 220ml cup fat free vanilla yogurt (mine was a pot of not so fat free yogurt)
– 220ml cup fat free milk (I used just 120ml of soya milk)
– 1 tbsp honey (I used Oak honey from Lebanon)

The Cuisinart istructions use a hand blender, but I gave it all a blast in a regular blender.

And it’s a very pretty pink! But not in the photo. Which is why I’m going to FBC…